Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Being Ian

Being Ian is also another cartoon I watched Yesterday and I saw when this character Sandi Crocker was boxing. This shows first episode was in April 26, 2005 and their final episode was in
June 26, 2007.

Show I do not know why the show went off air some people might think is a good show while others say it's a bad show. I do not know it's a good show or not because I watched parts of only one episode of this cartoon.

This show is about a boy named Ian Kelley who is a 12-year-old boy with aspirations of becoming a filmmaker. 

His love of movies and his overactive imagination -- as his mother describes it -- often get the preteen into some strange situations. Ian's parents, music-store owner Ken and homemaker Vicky, are indifferent to his dreams of making movies, which causes him some frustration. Ian's best friend is Ty, who acts as the voice of reason for him but is still willing to go along with the schemes that Ian hatches. The channels this show has been on are Qubo and Y TV.

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