Friday, December 13, 2019

Jay Jay The Jet plane

Jay Jay The Jet Plane is a show I use to watch on PBS Kids and This show is created by David Michel. This show is about Tarrytown is full of fun for 6-year-old Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

 A happy little plane, he and his friends -- including pink and yellow plane Tracy, helicopter Herky, fire engine Revvin' Evan and tow truck Tuffy -- explore and buzz around the fantasy-inspired town.

 There are also some humans in Tarrytown, such as Brenda Blue, Mrs. Blue, Miss Jones and Easy O'Malley. Anything is possible and excitement is just waiting for Jay Jay to discover it! "Jay Jay the Jet Plane" originated on TLC before moving to the PBS Kids block on public television.

This show first episode was in November 2, 1998 and there final episode was in  November 25, 2005. 

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