Friday, December 13, 2019

Jacob Two Two

Jacob Two Two is created by Mordecai Richler. I think My play cousin showed me this show one time.

This shows first episode was in September 7, 2003 and there final episode was in September 3, 2006. The channels this show has been on are Qubo,Telemundo,Vrak and YTV. This show is about
After his family moves to Montreal Jacob meets a host of new friends and foes.

 School bullies, teachers, and his four older siblings never seem to hear him; he got the name Jacob Two Two because he always has to repeat himself to be heard. He plays hockey goalie, loves wrestling and most of all ... secret spy missions!

I was not really into to this cartoon I do not know why I just was not my type but the truth is I am mother to any cartoon character and I am a cartoon Lover. 

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