Friday, December 20, 2019


Shelldon is about a Shy shellfish Shelldon lives with his family, including younger siblings Click and Clack, in the underwater community of Shell Land. In his spare time, Shelldon likes to help out at the Charming Clam, an inn run by his family.

Despite their best efforts to avoid it, trouble has a way of finding Shelldon and his friends, including best friend Herman. Shelldon must use honesty, teamwork and ingenuity to help himself get out of outlandish situations.

The channels this show has been on are Channel 3 and Qubo. The creator of this show the internet says it's Channel 3 but we do not know who was the first person to create this cartoon.

In October 16, 2009 that is when they had they first episode. I do not know this show that well but I can tell you this it looks like a good cartoon in my opinion but I do not know because I never watch it before.

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