Friday, December 13, 2019

Jane and The dargon

Jane and The Dragon I do not know this cartoon that well but I did watch the trailer for the show they say this show is about Raised to be a lady in waiting, 12-year-old Jane makes her own path in medieval times. Circumstances allow her to pursue her dream job, so she trains as an apprentice knight in the King's Guard. 

With her best friend, 300-year-old Dragon, and other castle pals like Pepper (the cook), Jester (the court jester) and Smithy (the blacksmith), Jane's adventures teach young viewers about courage, kindness, and friendship.

In October 15, 2005 that is when they had there first episode they had there final episode is August 12, 2006. The channels this show has been on  is ABC me, Qubo and YTV. 

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