Friday, March 9, 2018

The Real Santa Claus

The Real Santa Clause some people say his real name is Kris Kringle and some people say St Nicholas. No Body knows what the real Santa Claus name is I guess some  religion Call him St Nicholas while others call him Kris Kringle.

This is what the Real Santa is born in March 15, 270 AD in Patara, Lycia Turkey and his parents names are Epifaniĭ his father and his mothers name is Nonna. He was born during the third century and his was born in a village called Patara.

Back then it was Greek was now it's  the part of  southern area of the Turkey in a country in Europe He was stilling Young and respecting Jesus words "to sell what you own and give money and give money to the poor." Jesus said that because Poor people did not have nothing. Santa used his whole to assist the needy, the sick people  and they were suffering.
Christmas is about Jesus birth and people gave Jesus a lot of stuff and people got un grateful and that is why these days people get stuff for Christmas even if it should not happened like that. So we celebrate Jesus birth on Christmas and people should of celebrated it in the summer time but it did not work out that way.

Santa got burned and he died in Myra Turkey in December 6, 343 AD. I read his parents died when he St. Nicholas was in his teens and when he grown up he married a woman Named Jessica I do not not know what her birth name is.

 These days if celebrities have a spouse there spouse birth name will be on the internet. For example lets say a male celebrity has a spouse and his spouse might have her marriage name or her maiden name or both what ever there spouse wants to have on the internet.

 but they did not have any internet back then so I guess famous people write there spouse first name down on paper because in the olden days people just used there first names now people use there last names because if the person has the same first name as the other person and if you are speaking about them people might not know which person you are talking about because those people have the same first name. In the olden Days last names where not important these days last,first or middle names are very important.

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