Sunday, March 25, 2018

Walt Disney

 Walt Disney has started with cartoons on TV Then he started hiring other people and the president he runs the business he keeps the business run.

He Keep the business going because so people can have more money. No body can do a business by then self because one person can get tired very quick them sleeves out and In the being you might want start your self then get a time.

Walt Disney can not do all of the work by him self that is why Disney has more money because it's not just Walt Disney that is just.

 Walt Disney Built a system that works. After when Walt Disney Died more people working for his business and his great grand children are probably working for Walt Disney's business.

That is why Disney has more money then every because Walt has hired people very smart people who know what they are doing and that is why Disney has been  a very long time.

Walt Disney was born in December 5, 1901 Hermosa, Chicago. and he died in December 15,1966 in Burbank California. Walt Disney was racist that was the bad side of him and he used to make Black Characters spit out stuff and he use to make African American Character like caricature.

Walt Disney made Mostly White Cartoon Characters. Now Disney is company those people that work for the company now are not racist because that black population is getting bigger and they have been other cartoon characters in Disney from Other Ethnic Groups.

Walt Disney's children's names are Diane Disney Miller and Sharon Mae Disney his siblings names are Ruth Flora Disney,Raymond Arnold Disney,Roy O. Disney, and Herbert Arthur Disney. Lillian Disney is his spouse.

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