Monday, March 26, 2018

Russia's Goverment

There are Charges that the Russian Government killed a couple of people in the United Kingdom. Russia Poisoned some of there old Spies.

 The guy was name Skripal and he was one of the old spies in Russia's Government and he went to Europe.

Russia's Government thought he was a trater and the Russian Government Send Spies and tried to kill Skripal.

I learned this in school I thought my teacher said Skripal died thank God he did not "but I do not think he is doing well." That is what my teacher said.

Brittan has kicked out a lot of the Russian Spies out of there countries and a lot of Governments are upset for what Russia's Government did. Russia said " They had nothing to do with the poison."

No body knows why Skripal went to The United Kingdom it's probably because Russia told him to poison people out side of the countries and he did not want Russia's government telling him what to do that is probably why

That is a real lie. After the Cold war what happened was that is when Russia Became Dictators. Russia never really had Democrats they always had dictators. A lot of people die in Russia because they drink too much alcohol and they smoke too much there. That is why people do not live as long in Russia.

A Quarter of Men in Russia Died. 20 million People died in world war 2 in Russia so that is why Russia is afraid of other countries Killing them. When my teacher told us " When people sweat too much and they drink too much water they can died for water poisoning."

Probably North Korea's Government is the only government that is going to be happy at what Russia did because North Korea kills people as well. 

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