Saturday, March 10, 2018


People like Christians celebrate Jesus Birthday in December 25 th we celebrate his birth day on  Christmas some people say people should of celebrate it in the summer I do not know how true that is.

 Jesus was not born in a house his Earth father is Joseph but his spirit father is God.

Jesus mother Mary was pregnant and she did not have to had sex and people ask why but that's God's choice and God choose her and there is no reason it is what it is. I was crying when I saw the video of Jesus got beat up and he got beat up because people were jealous that all of the miracles he can do like he can turn the water into wine.

Those people should be happy for Jesus I bet you some of those people have talents that Jesus does not have. But Jesus and God is like one person and it's kind of hard to explain. 

Jesus was sinless and every body has sin and Jesus died on the cross and he died for or sins and when he died on the cross people said "any body that dies on the cross will be cursed."

Jesus went to hell not because he was bad but he beated up the devil. Jesus according to when he was born on earth it does not say he was born know body really know when he was really born because people do not have calendars or technology back then.

Those people who are jealous and beat up Jesus those people are punished by God and those people Ii hope there in Hell because what they did was bad. Some people might think these people should beat up Jesus and should be jealous because of the miracles he can do.

I use to be jealous when I was younger but I never think that those people should beat up Jesus nobody deserves to get beat up ever but then I realized that I am happy for what all the miracles he can do and he helped us maybe he should have those miracles and I am not Jealous at Jesus any more I am very happy at all the stuff he has done.

In church they have Jesus picture as a white person because of the society we live in and Jesus was really a black person I wish in churches they will have more pictures of what Jesus really looked like then people putting him as a white person.

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