Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Biggest Loser is air the air

I am very Happy That The Biggest Loser ended because it was like the over weight contestants were on the show and the coaches Jillian Michael's was yelling at them like crazy and the over weight contestants were crying and I felt sorry for them.

It was like they are already over weight then they loss like about 100 pounds in 3 mouths really people should lose weight in a year or two years not 3 mouths that is to soon then it's like they gain back the weight again those people already had weight problems for the rest of there life and they them slow metabolism.

It's like they lose 100 pounds then grain back 100 pounds which any body can die from that and any body should stay around the same weight and if you lose or gain two are 1 pound that is okay but if you lose 100 pounds and gain back 200 pounds that is not good.

Maybe the show is off the air because maybe people were complaining that the over weight contestants lose 100 pounds then they gain back 100 pounds. The first episode of The Biggest Loser was October 19, 2004 and there last episode was February 22, 2016. That show is old and has been on for years.

 The creators of the show is Dave Broome,  Ben Silverman and Mark Koops. I mean The Biggest Loser has good things that it teaches people how to eat healthy and working out that is the good news of the show hear is the bad new The over weight contestants lose 100 pounds then gain back 100 pounds again that is the horrible news and they lose weight in 3 mouths. There should never be show like this again if there is I will report to the government and it should be illegal to have a show like that because there are hurting peoples body's like the lose 200 pounds then they gain back 200 pounds

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