Friday, March 30, 2018

Feelings of regulations

Feelings of regulations the Red Zone: Is when you are angry, You feel like yelling at people screaming at people hitting people and feel more then angry.

This is the Yellow Zone: That is when you feel grouchy or excited, scared,silly or worried about something and that means you are a little out of control but not very out of control.

The Blue Zone: Is when you feel sick tired are if you feel very sad you feel like crying and you feel very depressed.

The Green zone: Is you feel good you feel like you happy ready to go and do good things to people and help people you also feel joyful grateful and hopeful.

This are the zone that I made up this is the Pink Zone: That is  when you are obsessed with some one you have a crush on them and you are love  struck.

The Brown Zone: Is when you see cartoons characters of when there not there and you be in you own fantasy and world.

The Gray Zone: Is when you think about you self and not other people you do not care about other people you just care abut you self that mean you selfish.

The white zone: I like you do not feel happy,angry,excited or sad you just feel nothing you just feel plan.

The Orange Zone: Is you want to make you own stuff and you want to make up you own stories and be creative.

The Black zone: Is the worst thing that you can ever feel you feel like killing you self or killing some one else or even killing animals for no reason or killing people for no reason.    

The Purple Zone: Is when you feel very sluggish and more then tired and you might feel sore or hurt a little or a lot or in aches and pains.

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