Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Pre-K shows That are know On any More

Barney was on TV there first air date was April 6, 1992 and there last episode is September 18. 2009. The creator of Barney is Sheryl Leach.

Calliou first episode was in September 17, 1997 there last episode was in October 3, 2010 Hélène Desputeaux and Christine L'Heureux are the creators of Calliou.

Dora's first episode was in August 14, 2000 and their last episode was in June 5, 2014. Jakers the adventures of Piggley winks first episode was in September 7, 2003 their last episode was in
January 24, 2007. The creator of this show is Mike Young.

Play with Me Sesame is the show with the characters from Sesame Street so Play with me Sesame first started in  April 1, 2002 and they last air date is September 2, 2007.

 Sesame Street is still on TV there use to show 20 episodes a day now they show one episode a day early in the morning.

I know because some one told me well Sesame Street is an older show and it's first episode was in
November 10, 1969. Well My mother said " Sesame Street can get new cast." Well The creators of the show has done the show for so long and she is an older woman so she is probably tried of getting new cast.

My mother said " Probably the cast is tired of being on the show they been on the show for so long."

It's on TV still because maybe people still want it on the air and just because people want it on the air does not mean the creator of the show still wants it on the air.

 Maybe the creator of the show still keeps it on the air because she wants people to be happy probably.

I heard children used to talk about Sesame Street like crazy.

 But these days there do not talk about Sesame Street that much any more they are still making new episodes but not as many as they did for example the would show 10 new episodes a day every day now it's one new episode a day these days.

It's not a matter that I hate Sesame Street it's like people keep on being the creator please let sesame Street still be on TV but fans should not tell the creator what to do if the creator wants Sesame Street off the air and she want to retire let the creator retire if people do not let the creator retire that is very selfish for the fans because the creator is doing all of this work and the show has been on for so long.

If Seasme Street keeps making less episodes it probably would have it's last episode in 3 or five years from now I do not know for sure.

Joan Ganz Cooney is the creator of Sesame Street and she was born in November 30, 1929 in Phoenix, Arizona. Joan's parents names are Pauline Ganz and Sylvan Ganz.

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