Monday, March 19, 2018

U.S. Military

If you are in the military even if you do not fight in the military does not have a war it still can be dangerous because in the military seven soldiers died.

 And if anybody is in the military people have to go into small planes and helicopters and if people fly in them that can be dangerous.

Even if their is no war going on it's still dangerous in the military. Their were fire fighters in New York Both of their names were Chris and when they were in Iraq they died in a plan crash. We still have soldiers their that help the Iraq fight the terrorist that is why they were in a plane crash.

Their a 97,000 military personnel in Europe. Their have been soldier in Europe since 1944. 4 Countries ( Germany 34,000 Spain, The United Kingdom and Italy.) They have more than 1,000 soldiers.
These soldiers were placed in Europe because of the cold war. In west Asia and in North Africa and the middle east. Like places like Jamaica I heard has a lot of crime.

The United States Military took away Iraq's government because their was a man named Suddam Hussain and he is a dictator of Iraq.

 A group called Isis  they are enemy's of the United States in part of Iraq The Isis people killed people and another country called Syria The Isis people made women slaves and raped them.

The Isis people are bad because anybody that does not believe in their religion they believe those people are evil and that is why they fell like they need to kill people.

The military should change rules like shoot at object and not shooting at people because when people shoot each other with guns and a person dies the persons family will be upset. Militarizes should be more safer like people should not fly in small planes only big planes that can not crash.


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