Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Today when my mother was driving me to the doctors see saw Teenagers were Protesting. My mother said " They are protesting for the government should change laws and they heard people can buy guns and they shot people in the school.

Those teenager where protesting for gun violence I wonder in this video these are the same teens that me and my mother saw when me mother was driving her car.

So The Government lets thoughts people by guns and those people said " You should not let sick people buy guns. My mother was explaining to me what protesting is she said some thing like this " It like back In Martin Lither Kings Times Black people had to stand up for what is right and they want the law to change that blacks and white can be treated equal."

My mother was give me an example. The Government should not let any body have guns including Police Officers because when Police shot people those people family will be very upset so Guns should not exist any more because it can take away peoples lives.

People in the army shot each other was they should change the rules that people should not shot each other anymore because if people in the army kill each other then their whole family will be upset. So instead of people shooting each other in the army they should shoot objects instead.

We need Protesting worth out it who knows what would happen. This video shows an example of what Protesting is.

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