Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The countries you can not go to and how police should act

North Korea they do not have good relations ships with America Korea's leader kills people and staves people and those people do not have any food and water if you go to North Korea They might try to kill you. Egypt there is to many wars and fighting going on in Egypt.

And we use to not go to Cuba now I heard people can go to Cuba I do not know How true that is. Do Not go to Jamaica My dad said " There where two women and people did not know what happens to them and they got killed.

Iran and Iraq You can not go to any of thoughts countries you can go their but the terrorist the people that work there might try to kid nap any that lives in America.

That is because they hart Americans and they hate Americans because they believe Americans is there enemy of them and they think America is trying to take there Religion away. If you live in Israel and you are Jewish and religious you have to fight in there army to protect their country.

My dad said " Do not go to Jamaica ether I heard two woman went there and they do not know what happens to them and they got killed.

My mother said " We do not know what happened to thought women maybe there went into a rough area I heard people they have a Good time in Jamaica." That was before it's different know.

Kim Jong-un he is 5 feet 7 inches he is the Leader and the president of North
Korea and if any american goes there they might try to kill them. No Bodies know what date and year he was born it just says he was born in Pyongyang Korea. I heard Donald Trump might be going to North Korea.

But if Trump goes there he might get killed " My mom said " well he will have body guards." I said " What of those people kill his body Guards." My mom said "you right"

Trump will be out number even if his body guards or there because it's Trump and the body guards so that is three people against 1,000 of people working for the leader of North Korea.That might be the end of Trump if he tries to go to North Korea. I do not like Trump ether but his a lot nicer then the President of Korea because unless Trump does not try to kill people in this country.

I have families that live in Alabama which I am not to happy about that because they is too many racist stuff going on in that area I heard a African American boy got by a police officer that is white.

Police did not have patience with special needs children and I saw a police officer was beating up a person with Down Syndrome and another person with sever Autism the Police yelled at them and said " Where's you address!"

My dad said some times the police do not know if that person has special needs or not." But police should be able to tell if a person has Down Syndrome or has Sever Autism.

Maybe if any child with special needs is out of control they should call Special Needs Polices Officers and They will help people with Sever and mild Autistic and people with Down Syndrome. I said the law should change and They should be special needs police officers those are police officers that have more patience with any body with special needs.

Police should also not kill people because if they kill a person there family will get upset and Police should get arrested for doing that. Or if a police think a person did some thing wrong but they did not and if they shot the person The police should arrested for that to.

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