Thursday, March 15, 2018

Minimum Wages

Minimum is the least amount you can pay some one has to pay you by law if they do not they can get in trouble by the government the most minimum wage that people had was in 1970.

How much money you pay per hour is 10 dollars if it's below 10 dollars You won't be able to earn a living and And the government wants people to pay there own bills.

You nee food water shelter and clothes to live and if you do not have those stuff any body would be homeless.

My teachers from my school went to Israel because there where doing a documentary of two students one Jewish and one Arub. Jewish and Arub people want to get along but it's seems like the people at there school wants them to get along.

If My teachers do a documentary of students my film teachers can get a lot of money from the government doing that and if my film teachers gets less money from the government I will be very upset at the government.

My film teacher might be famous for making a documentary of students in Isreal. I will try my best to make him famous.

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