Friday, June 26, 2015

Nat Wolff

Today will be talking about Nat Wolff he was born in December 17 1994.

 Nat Wolff use to be on the show The Naked Brother Band on Nickelodeon.

 Now Nat Wolff is doing movies like Stuck in love before it was called writers now they changed the name Behaving Badly the movie were Nat Wolff was in with Selena Gomez.

 I header Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up Because in my own opinion Selena Gomez was in the movie with Nat Wolff but Nat Wolff and Selena Gomez are not Boyfriend and girlfriend they are just good friends.

  Nat Wolff was in the movie called the Faults in or Stars and other movie coming out called Paper Towns.

 I met Nat Wolff at a concert in New Jersey I said to him do you want to marry me than he said sure I said to him I love you Than he says I love you to.

 He was born in the state Los Angele's California but he lives in New York City I wanted to follow Nat Wolff when I was at the concert but I did not Because I want him to love me to Nat Wolff in my opinion is the most handsome boy on this planet.

Nat Wolff's father is Micheal J.Wolff and he's mother is Polly Draper.

 When I was in 7th grade I asked one of the teachers do you know Polly Draper than she said yes I asked is Polly draper a cook or a baker the teacher did not know at first than she told a friend of her now I know now Polly Draper is more of a baker.

 The teacher she said Polly Draper is a nice women and Polly Draper is a good mother at the concert I kissed Nat Wolff on the check. Now I have a picture of him and me and I am not going to delete the picture every again.

 I will keep it for ever because I had a huge crush on him for 10 years. Nat Wolff's favorite sport is Basketball. Now I know I am going to met him every day in the future Nat Wolff is my man to me.

 I would like to be his future wife in my opinion I know it's going to happen one time I was in the store I saw a toy magic ball I asked first do you know Nat Wolff than it said "yes" than I said to it am I going to marry Nat Wolff and it said "yes" it made me feel very very very happy and love struck.

At the concert one time I gave Nat Wolff a Valentines Day card.

The next time I see him I want to bring Nat cookies Justin Bieber got arrested called black people the N word that is why I do not like Justin Bieber.

 I love Nat Wolff because he never says those things and he is very nice boy and Nat Wolff is the most handsome boy on the planet. Him and his Bother looked at me like I was a Little crazy because I was yelling at the fans little because I felt like the fans where being a little slow or I wanted to see Nat.

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