Monday, June 15, 2015

Jennette Mccurdy

Today will be talking about Jennette Mccurdy.

 In the channel Nickelodeon is on was on the show called I Carly her character is Sam is  mean on the show I Carly always bulling Freddy Benson on the show if I see her in real life or I play a character on the show that is mean to bully's.

 I would like the character Freddy or Carly say to Sam we know a girl that is strong than you Sam.

 And she Might ask Freddy or Carly is she mean Freddy might say not if you mean to others.

 Because I watched the show I Carly before and there's was one time when I was young I used to get stick on I Carly.

 Than Sam mite say to Freddy Benson that who is this girl what does she look like than Freddy might say to Sam I do Know she does not have Blonde hair like you or I would like to be on I Carly My Character beating up Sam.

Than Freddy might say don't worry Sam you meet her one day.

 If Sam keeps on asking Carly mite say Sam she dose not have blonde hair Brown eye darker skin her hair is long and Brown in plus she has african locks.

 That's what Freddy Benson or Carly Shay might say If my character on I Carly that's sees Sam Puckett I would loved to say "Blondie you do not know who you messing with!"

 Than Sam mite say to Carly what my characters say Carly mite say she's  right you don't know who your messing with Sam.

I would like my character to beat up Sam Puckett if she put her hands on my character first in the show I Carly I will like my characters named to be Maggie Than Sam might say about my character that she has brunette dreads not blond hair Carly or Freddy might say that's not nice Sam there better than Dreads they call them African locks.

But now I Carly is not on television any they have reruns Jennette Mercury was on Sam and Cat than the last time I saw it on television it said Sam and Cat last episode because they are growing up.

Some time children make me upset if they do not do the right thing I do not want to hurt people.

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