Monday, June 15, 2015

Cake's or cookies

Today will be talking about cakes.

You know the show cake boss the chief's makes cakes like crazy.

 But when I was a lot younger the cake's taste bitter with all the color die but a year ago if I taste cake with a lot of food color now it taste not bitter is just taste sweet the chief's probably make cake or frosting very sweet because if people say to the chief's oh the cake taste a little bitter.

  The chief's are probably making it sweeter ever year because it mite hurt the chief's feeling's if people speak to them it taste not good or bitter that's probably why that the cakes with a lot of color the chiefs put a lot of honey if they are make honey cake or honey cookies or making a cake with a lot of color die put a lot of sugar in it.

 Cup Cakes wars is a show that People have to make the cupcakes with Veggies,meat like hot dogs,cheese or food condiments and that's sounds despicable or discussing one of the cup cakes on the show they had to put discussing stuff in the cup cake like meat they say it looks more meat than a cup cake I'm sore those cup cakes do not taste sweet or taste Discussing cup cake I'm glad I do not have to make cup cake discussing.

I make Lemon cakes with cream cheese or vanilla frosting, yellow cake with chocolate or vanilla frosting, a fun fetti cake with white frosting with rainbow sprinkles or a white cake just with plain white frosting the cookies that I make is chocolate chip cookies,cream cheese cookies,lemon cookies or sugar cookies with rainbow or pink sprinkles with white frosting.

 When I was younger when I mix the cookie dough or cake mix when I was 3 to 6 after my arm was hurting the flour was still on the bottom of the bowl I
did not put cake or cookies in the oven.

 but now I mix the cookie dough and the cake mix with out my arms hurting than there is no more flour of the bottom of the bowl now I put the cookies and The cake's in the oven.

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