Sunday, June 7, 2015

Slavery Days

Today will be talking about slavery days during civil war Blacks were  treated like slaves if black people didn't do what white people  waned them to do they get beat, shot, killed or marauded.

You know George Washington helped his people but he didn't respect black  people like Malcolm X or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Now whites are trending black people much better in the north but in the south white people still treat black people bad because blacks and whites fighting more happen in the south not a lot in the north in the olden days in the south Whites, Blacks, Natives,or Asians  go to different bath rooms different school or different restaurants the bath rooms mite or will say back in the 1960's Black  men ,Black women,White men ,White women ,Native men, Native women or Asian men  and Asian women now in the north a lot of people don't care but in the south people will care some of them but some people  will be nice or respectful to all ethnicity's.

If white people will steel some thing nobody says nothing but if a black men steel's some thing people yell at them than they get arrested or go prison it's just this society we live in this country the United States when I saw black little girls playing dolls on the dolls test on You Tube the black little girl usually want to play with the white dolls with blonde hair but their parents try to tell them be proud  of who  your with you curly hair and braids or African locks most black girls straiten their own hair the song we Shall over come the song me my father,uncles and aunts ancestors sing the song we shall over come it be came a poplar song during the civil rights movement back in the 1960's or 1950's that why in my opinion I will be a movie star on television or a poplar famous person or a celebrity.

My father also work for celebrity lie jazz artist  he does business online cut or paste pictures on he's blog and he is a little bit famous  in my opinion i will become a lot famous very poplar because on of the reasons my family's ancestors  sang  we shall over come became a famous poplar song.

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