Monday, June 29, 2015

Tina Fey

Today will be talking about Tina Fey, she was on the movie Mean Girls, the movie with Amy Poheler.

Tina was born in May 18, 1970.  She was also in the show 30 Rock, with Maulik Pancholy, that does the voice of the cartoon character Sanjay (from Sanjay and Craig on Nickelodeon). Fey was also in the movies Muppets, and Admission with my favorite celebrity Nat Wolff.

Also Tina was in the movie Baby Mama, with Amy Poehler.  In my opinion Tina Fey is in a lot of movies with Amy Poehler, because probably they want to be in the same movies together.  No doubt, they are just good best friends who like to make movies together.

One time I saw A Interview of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey on the same video.  In the movie Mean Girls, Ms. Fay played the teacher and Ms. Poehler played one of the mean girl's mothers.

Tina Fey's parents are Donald Fey and her mother is Zenobia Xenakes.  Ms. Tina has a couple of daughters named Penelope Athena Richmond, and her other daughter's is named Alice Zenobia Richmond.

Tina was married to Jeff Richmond. It says online he is her spouse.   My father says spouse means "that you marry some one in a wedding."

Sometimes Tina Fey, wears glasses.  Other times she does not probably because she is getting older.

When she was in the movie Baby Mama, Fey's character in some parts of the movie did not get along with Poehler's character.  But at the end of that movie they managed to get along much better.

Both of them at one time I remember that my father said "I thought they were friends in this movie."

Well it is a good thing that possibly Tina Fey and Amy Poheler are in the same movie because they might be best friends with each other.  Or maybe their family's get along very - very - very well.

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