Saturday, June 13, 2015

Movies and the TV shows that are comdey or drama

today will be talking about movies and the TV shows that are comedy or drama.

You know that Nickelodeon cartoons they say there more comedy.

 But in my opinion Nickelodeon cartons are more drama because some times on the cartoons the children talk really dis respectful too there own parents some of the cartoons they make the Adults just allow them yelling at them or in the cartoon the adults yell at the children a lot.

 When I saw the commercial on the  video on  You Tube the movie I here called The Campaign I saw the clip that a man was punching a baby in the face.

 It said is was a very funny clip well actually it's not funny Because when a person might watch this video they might pick it up from the movie when the person does that in real life they get arrested for years.

 I know it's an adult movie when the creators make that stuff they should not do that because a grown adult could pick that beaver up even when it's an adult movie it's still not funny to show a grown man punching a baby in the face.

 Actually that very serious in my opinion  to me that sounds more drama when that creators say that comedy  in my opinion the creators of the movie got problems or in my opinion the creators are just mean to others, mental problems or sick in the head.

When a grown man punches a baby in the face or an body that's bigger or stronger I would  like to hurt the person real bad when they are attacking  babies because there are very sick in the head or started attacking them when they are attacking a baby because most people hate to see that the grown man in the movie the creators created that's just horrible because there are grown men that are very disrespectful to others or not gentleman.

 I know that grown men will beat up women because there usually taller,bigger or stronger than women but I do not like when grown men punching babies in the face I do not care how strong,tough,tall or bigger  when the mothers are to scared to fight grown men when no body else is around just the mother and the baby that's when I usually step in when any grown man beats up baby's that's when I want to start beating up the
person that is stronger or tougher than the baby.

Like even when a grown man does not mean to punch the baby I want to yell at them when a  grown man usually says "sorry" to the baby I  want to say do not be sorry just be careful. Grown punch baby's in real life the baby's will get very hurt or killed or murder that clip that the creators show it is not funny!

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