Saturday, August 1, 2015

Allie Dimeco

I am blogging about Allie Dimeco. She was on the nickelodeon show called The Naked Brothers Band with Nat Wolff she played the girl Rosalina who broke up with him.

  Nat Wolff was crying in the show I wanted to be in the show if this happened in real life I say that to him or any body Do not worry about your Girl friend or Boy friend breaking up with you They are jerks and they are not nice.

My father said about Allie Dimeco "that she was playing a part in the show." I used to say I do not like her what she did to Nat Wolff My father said to me 'you should not judge on people."

 She is a very pretty girl But I did not not like What She did to Nat.

Thank God I met Nat Wolff at the concert  I love him when he sang his own music the girls were screaming so did I because we all loved  him.

 But I asked the girls "do you like Nat or Justin better" they said "they like Justin Bieber better" But I like Nat Wolff a lot Better than Justin Bieber.

Nat said at the concert "I had a Girl friend on the show who dumped me" I almost said I be you Girl friend Because I am Nat Wolff Biggest fan.

Allie Dimeco's parents are is Laura Dimeco probably I do not see  her fathers name on the interrnet Because Probably He had cancer And got very sick or his is possibly Deceased that is probably why her father is not on Wikipedia any more or maybe they just do not want to speak about it.



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