Saturday, August 15, 2015

Shane Dundas

Today I am Speaking abouts Shane Dunda. He was on the Nick Jr. show The Upside Down Show in that show Shane was acting very crazy like a child but his is really an adult.

 I do not see him in adult movies in my opinion he is to old to be on Nick Jr. I do not like that channel as much as Nick because Nickelodeon has more teen shows and cartoons.

On one video I saw Mr.Dundas on a show and he was singing a very popular song that is played on the radio. Mr.Shane was born in March 30,1959.

In my own opinion he should be in more adults movies like Madea a movie that Tyler Perry plays Madea a elder women I hardly see Shane in those type of movies all I see him in see children shows that are made for toddlers or some children that are five years old.

Shane Dundas is a man who is on a lot of pre-k shows and his should grow out of that but I'm letting him make his own mind what shows or movies he wants to be on or I'm not his mother to say what shows he should be on I'm just saying my opinion.

Like like Shane But In my opinion he should do more adults movies because he is a adult or a grown man not just children's show that he is been on for years.

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