Saturday, August 1, 2015

Victoria Justice

I am blogging about Victoria Justice. She was on Nickelodeon show called Zoey 101 or the Nickelodeon movie Spectacular and Fun Size also The Boy Who Cried Wolf. I use to watch her every day on television on my  favorite channel Nickelodeon.

I wanted to meet her one day in my opinion yes me and My father will meet her because I met other celebrities.

Her birth named was Victoria Dawn Justice what I read years ago Her birth name was diffident maybe they took it off on the internet because she do not like that name or she hated that name.

 Some celebrities do not say there real names because they do not want people asking them an keep it a secret or they don't wanted they fans knowing about all of them or try to kid nap them That is why they have Body guards one went I am a Celebrates I have body guards. 

Some Times I have dreams about Justice or other famous people and cartoon characters a lot then some time I say to my father I dreamed about met Celebrities and cartoons what I vaguely remember My father said "you probably dreaming about those things because you think about them or want to meet them some day".

Victoria's parents are Zack Justice and Serene Justice. She was born in February 19, 1993 in Hollywood Florida probably Hollywood is the town or street she used to live on.

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