Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wendie Malick

Today I am blogging about Wendie Malick. She was on the Nickelodeon cartoon The X's.   She did the voice of the mother in that show Mrs. X.  I used to watch that show every day.

She was also in the other Nickelodeon cartoon Jimmy Neutron.  Furthermore, I read she was in the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks.

I read she was in the Bratz Movie.  She did the voice of the mean mother in that movie.  I own Bratz dolls at my house and like them very much.

One time I saw on the news Bratz Vs. Barbie dolls.  They made the dolls fight a lot of time or compete with each other.

I ask a lot of girls if they play with their dolls in a nice or mean way. Most girls tell me they play with their dolls in a  nice way.

But some of my dolls I imagine them as having different personalities. Some of them are nice but on the other hand some are rude.  Some are very selfish and some are really mean just like people in the real world.

Wendie Malick was born in December 13, 1950 in Buffalo, New York.  Her parents are Ken Malick and Gigi Malick.  I read her mother was a former model and her father worked in sales.

Ms. Wendie graduated from Willamsville South High School. Her paternal grandfather was a Coptic Christian from Egypt; her other ancestry is French, German, and English.  I read that she has no children.  I thought she might have been a grand mother by now.

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